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Obama Solution to Gas Crisis Reveals His Brilliance

April 26, 2011

Amid rising gasoline prices at the pump, President Barack Obama urged congressional leaders Tuesday to take steps to repeal oil industry tax breaks, a great big $4 billion of them that amount to nothing versus his 4,500 billions of dollars overspending he is doing. The White House conceded his plan would do nothing in the short term to lower gas prices. So whoop-de-doo! Previously Obama has said his great stimulus bill will allow us to ride electric cars and burn corn in our engines, raise sails over our cars to cruise the interstates¬†and ride bikes and take trains instead of burn gasoline. So, where’s the beef, Obama???

Rising gas prices have become a political weight for the White House, with polls showing that as the cost rises at the pump, the president’s approval ratings have slipped. Obama has increasingly sought to display action on oil, even as he acknowledges that there is no immediate answer to stem costs. He forgot we have a Strategic Oil Reserve that holds from 100 to 300 days of oil usage that we already bought and paid for.

He also forgot he could let the rigs in the Gulf go back to producing oil, which he conveniently cut off almost a year ago. Oh, and what about the blocks he put up to new drilling virtually anywhere, I guess letting Americans produce American oil is evil because it keeps our gasoline costs down.



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