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Obama Birth Certificate Still Missing

April 23, 2011

This article

Some  Obama Birth Records Made Public for Years’…

by AP is a great example of how the Obama camp and their media try to keep alive the myth that he has shown his birth certificate.

The article covers all the well known information and one more time tries to gloss over the fact that the actual birth certificate, complete with doctor signatures, times, etc has never been released.

The key paragraph in this article has to do with the statement that the original birth certificates are never released, by law – see the following:

But those documents are state government property that can’t
be released to anyone, even the president himself, said Joshua Wisch, special
assistant to the state attorney general. Obama would be able to inspect his
birth records if he visited the Health Department in person, but original
records of live birth are never released, he said.”

The key here is to read what is not said. Nowhere does it say that a certified COPY of the original birth certificate cannot be released. To make this easy to understand, realize that any of us do not get our original birth certificate when we send for a copy to use with our passport application or drivers license or dozens of other times a birth certificate is required. We get a signed and embossed certified COPY of our original birth certificate. No person in ANY state can prevent you from getting a properly certified copy of your original birth certificate.

This shows how the AP skirted the truth when they stated that nobody can get the original birth certificate.

What Obama and his lawyers have not released is a COPY of his original birth certificate. Just like you, if Obama sent in the money and a properly signed request he could have a COPY of his original birth certificate. You must use it for a passport, so Obama had to have used a COPY before, presumably. If he used the the birth record paper that’s being referred to as a true birth certificate, then his passport is not really valid, for example.

One Comment
  1. Actually, no, as I understand it, the state of Hawaii dept of health has recently Stopped Issuing the certified copies of the birth certificates. This has just happened in the last thirty days, and it is in opposition to the laws that they have on the books. They will go to ANY LENGTH to cover for him. But, you brought up a good point about the word games they used in their statement.

    So, when Obama wouldn’t show his bc, they first changed the rules so that the Hawaii dept of lands began accepting the certification of live births. Then they changed the name of the certification of live births to certificate of live births. Now, in opposition to their own laws they refusing to send out copies of the real birth certificates, and as you have stated, they are also playing word games with the press.

    They will go to ANY LENGTH REQUIRED to protect their fraudulent acts.

    Anybody that looks at this info in conjunction with the ss# issue, the law license issue, the failure to find any legal documents to verify a legal name change to barack obama, is just willfully helping the fraud be perpetuated. And I haven’t even stated anything about the two citizen parent issue.

    When this is over, we will need a Truth Commission to investigate everyone involved. The truth will come out, and if it is swept under the rug to protect all the guilty, then I will feel no obligation to ever obey another law in this country again.

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