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Is Obama Encouraging Black Racism?

April 23, 2011

The recent incident in Maryland where a white woman was beaten severely by two black women got me thinking about the very large number of such black on white incidents of violence since Obama became president. Then it got me thinking even more about the lack of criticism of the blacks in the press. Why?

Then I remembered the black woman who spoke to a newsman on the occasion of Obama’s victory and said that from now on “you”, being the white newsman, will serve “us”.  And then I thought about why , when 98% of black voters voted for Obama, no news outlet anywhere remarked on how that vote was obviously racially motivated, not motivated by a choice based on platforms. And Obama himself calling a white policeman “stupid” for arresting what appeared to be a black man breaking into a house before he had the facts.

All this led me to again wonder how Eric Holder, Obama’s pick for the highest lawman in the country decided to drop a case against Black Panthers holding bats and threatening voters at a polling site? Which caused me further recall of how more than one Justice Department employee, always white, tried to blow the whistle on a determined attitude, under Holder, that was to dismiss and go easy on any black defendants. This was further supported by Holder himself being quoted as saying “our people” (blacks) were treated badly in the past so it’s only right to make up for that in the present.

All this and more points to a consistent anti-white attitude in the Obama administration. It seems that all Obama wants is enough white votes to get what he wants. His consistent support for illegal aliens to be given citizenship and to let them flood across the Mexican border does not support Americans, in fact close to 70% want it stopped. But Obama sues Arizona for a law that is supposed to slow it down.

I’m very afraid there is more than sufficient evidence of black racism, that if it were reversed would have the black community and press howling for vengence. And, even worse it seems to have been triggered by and even encouraged by Obama.



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