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The Intersect – Obama, Brazil, Colombia and USA

April 22, 2011

Say what? Intersect. If time were like a line, all three countries lines just crossed each other in Obama‘s mind. A nexus.

Yeh. Next-us all right!

See….. Obama is giving America’s money to Brazil to help finance deep offshore drilling by Brazil. No, not exploration, Brazil found it, this is production drilling. So, America gets to finance another non-American oil production site and it’s in deep water, too. Then Obama sees that America will be able to buy more oil from another place outside the USA. So That now costs the USA the money to drill the oil and then to pay for the oil drilled – all this money going to non-America (I’ll call anything spent giving our money to foreign entities this).

Not content with setting the USA up as a double dupe for Brazil, Obama moves on to Colombia. What could be better than having Colombia build a brand new great big refinery to make gasoline out of the non-American oil? What’s better is that the USA pays Colombia to build it. Yep, the USA is financing a big ole refinery that makes non-American gasoline that the USA can buy, again from non-American oil.

And now the crowning achievement. Obama forces the USA to buy all this non-American oil and gasoline! He shuts down all but a fraction of the Gulf oil drilling. Damn the law! Some judge ruling he can’t do this is law the old American way – Obama decided this law was just in the way and it was ignored. He draws back all the offshore leases previously opened for exploration so we can’t find any more oil in the USA. Remember, we have to give USA money for non-American oil so it will not do if we discover and produce more here.

Obama also shuts down exploration and development everywhere else possible. It’s the right thing to do. The USA needs to pay reparations to all these poor countries by buying their oil and gasoline using the filthy greedy money the bankers and rich people have.. If regular Americans can’t pay $5.00 a gallon for gas it’s just the right way to share the pain of the rest on the world – we can learn to walk and bike and take trains. We need to all live in dense beehives of cities so the rest of the country is green and empty.

So this tiny nugget of the vast Obama non-America plan comes into focus. He wants to foc-us! Right!



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