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Emperor Obama the Ludicrous Fiddles

April 19, 2011

You have to read this. If your guts don’t hurt from laughing afterwards, you must have been on Mars the last two and a half years.

Obama says we have to cut spending AFTER a major-major political loss in the 2010 elections driven by Americans wanting to stop the flagrant awful spending of Obama and his Democrat controlled Congress and Senate!

Prior to this Obama could not wait to print more dollars and expand spending – to the point we will reach close to $5 TRILLION MORE deficit spending in 3 YEARS! Reaching $15 TRILLION! The deficit for all time since 1776 was $10 TRILLION when he started.

Democrats had to have a stimulus bill near $1 TRILLION and it was frittered away on pet projects having nothing to do with long term job creation. Government expanded and everything else contracted.

Obama has created budgets that forecast over a trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. For him to criticize the Republican efforts to pull back spending is like Nero fiddling as he watches Rome burn. The guy is simply out of touch with reality. Too many vacations and too many golf days.



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