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BOEHNER Snatches DEFEAT from Jaws of Victory

April 9, 2011

Boehner had his big chance to make a real difference in how politics goes down in Washington DC. He had the chance to keep principle and the Constitution ahead of back room deals. He had the chance to change the future of this Congress, Administration and the Country, yes – you and me. He had a chance to show that all the Big Media distortion of facts and the outright lies told by high-ranking Democrats would not scare him from the path, we the people, are demanding.


On every matter of real importance Boehner CAVED.

I have a suggestion for him. Resign as the House leader and go play golf with Obama every day possible for the next year and a half. There are millions of us out here who will be glad to find and support someone to defeat him and Obama in the next election.

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