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Trade In Obama Not Your Car

April 7, 2011

Just yesterday Obama had a meeting with people and he was asked what he is doing about the high gas prices.

Obama said he could do nothing in the short term, which he further defined as the NEXT FEW YEARS. He said it would take that long for his green program to start to replace oil.

NOT ONCE did he say he would take action to open up drilling for oil in America. Remember Obama shut down all the oil leases opened under the Bush administration. Plus he has shut down the Gulf drilling by not giving permits. This is expressly against a leagl ruling telling the government they had no basis to act in the way they are.

He went on to say that he was sure GM, Ford and Chrysler had cars they’d love to sell them, so it would be a good time to trade in your car for a higher mileage vehicle.

So America – do you want this President, dedicated to the decline of all that America is was and hopes to be. Dedicated to destroying America’s freedom from foreign sources. Or, would you like to keep your vehicle and trade in Obama in 2012?

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