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Biggest problem Obama has is a serious lack of trust

March 28, 2011

By now we see about 50% of the American people say Obama‘s OK to sit and have a beer with or watch a basketball game.

BUT, when it comes to where he is pushing this country, about 2/3 are saying it’s the WRONG way.

It’s the “he’s a nice guy” vs “the S.O.B. doesn’t have a freaking normal thought in his head”.

Personally likeable (maybe, people changing on this, too) but going the wrong way fast, way too fast.

Here’s a good one on how Obamacare waivers have gone out to 1,000 companies by now and the majority of people are union members and companies who supported Obama. Naturally we ask – if it’s so good, why get excuse not to use it?

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