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Cost of Living Fraud

March 16, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I have had it with the government measurement and reporting of inflation. In a world of a government that believes it’s own way of measuring anything is “the way it should be”, I stand with most of my fellow citizens in a world of this is “the way it really is”.

We keep hearing how “core” inflation is nothing or very tiny. Like the folks on Social Security have heard for TWO years that the cost of living has not gone up. I’ll ask you, has YOUR cost of living had a zero increase over the last two years?

The way the government plays with numbers is the way a gambling addict plays his bets. Always going to be better on the next bet, never mind the fact I just lost – doesn’t count. Right! Inflation isn’t really going up, I’ll just adjust the numbers and count them a different way, the way the numbers should be counted.

I’ve been lucky and had my income be the same for the last two years. No increases, but no decrease either. A lot of my fellow citizens don’t even have a job, around 20% when people unemployed and people who have given up and don’t get unemployment are counted.

Ask all of us have prices gone up? YES! A LOT. Even though the government squints don’t think the “volatile” energy and food categories are things that we should use to measure inflation, we citizens actually have to pay those “volatile” prices for food and gas from the same pocket we use to pay for everything else. So, as for me, I’m in a lot of hurt trying to keep my tush on the same seat on the curb and not get myself kicked into the street.

Look, gas was under $2 a gallon two years ago, a dozen eggs were under a dollar where I live. Today, gas is close to $4 a gallon and eggs are a buck and a half. And I live in a low cost of living state. Figure out how much gas you use a month and you’ll see a big bunch of extra dollars out the door, 50 gallons a month cost $100 extra a month or $1,200 a year. If you were spending $500 a month on a basic bunch of food you eat every month, it’s now $575 around here.

When you live in the real world, like me and my fellow citizens, what the “elites” in the administration and the Senate think costs nothing in their world of luxury is a desperate reality we have to live with every single day.

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