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We Do Have Plenty of Oil – Let America Drill

March 13, 2011

Recently Obama cited the lack of domestic drilling as one reason we import so much oil. Further he cited our small reserves from which to draw as a reason to move heavily to so-called green energy. To rebut the first point takes only a look at how our government has obstructed and prevented domestic drilling, like banning drilling in the gulf and other offshore sites. To rebut the second is only to research that the USGS does not count oil shale or oil sands or the like as reserves, nor reserves underneath what have been declared public lands, like parks. Those reserves total more than those of the whole world, so we have enough of those to power our economy 100% at the current usage level for about 150 years. Plenty of time to thoughtfully and successfully develop economical ne ways of energy production.

  1. There is a lot of domestic oil. It is mostly not economic to access it, and it comes in very inconvenient forms like oil shale.

    • This is a common misconception. The cost to produce from the things like shale and sands is much lower than $100 per barrel. In fact the Canadians are selling the USA oil distilled from sands as I type this comment – check it out. Cheap natural gas is also being produced from shales in the Dakotas that we are using as I type.

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