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Eric Holder – Defend Wisconsin Lawmakers from Death Threats

March 11, 2011

Mr. Holder, if any one of “your people” were getting the written death threats against them and their families that the Wisconsin lawmakers are, you’d be all over it. You’d be making press announcements, denouncing racism, implicating Tea Party members, whatever you had to do.

But no, the Wisconsin lawmakers are on the opposite side of the argument from Obama, your beloved boss. So you want to support Obama and unions, not the representatives of the people of Wisconsin.

“Demonstrators who had spent the night in the building were dragged and escorted out of the Assembly antechamber by police. A small group of State Patrol officers were equipped in riot gear but never called into action. Meanwhile, Republican senators who approved the bill Wednesday night said law enforcement was investigating graphic death threats they received for supporting the legislation.” from Reuters article

  1. detroit ron permalink

    I to wish oboma was in china, it is what he is trying to do to this country, he would feel right home there as leader, where know one can question what he said or done, thats what he wants here, the union bosses would fit right in also, they to do not want to be question about what they do, and how much money they take from the rank and file, being from detroit and once a union stooge I had seen the union throw many of there members under the train.

    I whish oboma was in china also, he would love no one to challange him in what he said or done, that is what he he trying to do to the usa, and with full support of the union, most rank and file members are to blind of what will happen to them and there familys, if you want to work for the state you HAVE to belong to the union, you have no Right no CHOICE not to, so you are already have controls on you and your family. Being from detroit I can tell you what the unions done to that city, best you check for your self, becausr-e it is coming to your city.

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