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Left Freaks Out about Wisconsin Vote

March 10, 2011

After the Wisconsin legislature voted to curtail union power, the left (just go listen to all the major media reporting this as a “nuclear option” or eqivalent – the way of expressing themselves is like they listen to each other and repeat it) has gone frothing at the mouth against Wisconsin.

The people voted to cut spending and taxes. They know union members on average make double what they do (including pension and medical care). Now they watch outside influences flood Wisconsin trying to stop what they voted for. The unions from Washington DC, the national media, even president Obama and his re-election campaign workers came to the state.

Change has to begin somewhere. Wisconsin has spoken out – stop the excessive payments to public employee workers. Those workers report to the people, not some corporation, but the voters. The voters elect representatives to exercise their will and that’s what is really happening in Wisconsin.

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