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Top NPR Execs Fired and Resign Over Bias

March 9, 2011

Those listening to NPR over the years can’t help but notice the reporting and news have steadily moved toward a more elitist and statist view. A Lexus-Nexus analysis can show this.

Kudos to those who have exposed this with almost horrifying detail with the current video of a meeting between NPR and a Muslim group wanting to influence what is being reported.

A woman named Schiller who held the top position has been pushed out (read fired). The executive meeting with the Muslims has resigned immediately (read fired). 

Here is a short report:

NPR president and CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned in the wake of comments by a fellow executive that angered conservatives and renewed calls to end federal funding for public broadcasting.

The chairman of NPR’s board of directors announced Wednesday morning that he has accepted Schiller’s resignation, effective immediately.

NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik said in a tweet that Schiller was forced out by the board.

A hidden-camera video of an NPR executive calling the tea party racist and saying the network would be better off without federal money has led to that executive’s immediate resignation.

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