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Confiscate the Money of the Rich – Will it work?

March 9, 2011

Did you see the headline where it says the world’s billionaires, all together, are worth $4.5 TRILLION dollars?

I bet our administartion and the Senate’s eyes lit up! If we could get the U.N. to take all this eveil wealth and redistribute it to the poor, how much better would we be? Yes, redistribute. From those who made the wealth to those who did not make it. Yes.

But, wait! Obama has just done that in the first 3 years of his presidency. He’s spent $4.5 TRILLION of non-existant money (called a deficit). The world is no better and quite convincingly he has shown that all this money has not made the USA better either.

So, if Obama and the Democrats had their way and taxed all the “rich” Americans 100% of what they earn we would not even be able to pay for the deficit he has already spent. Even if he taxed the richest in the world he could not pay it. That’s just how big this awful deficit is and it’s why the mantra of “tax the rich” is a pretend answer to what the liberals know – the speeding spending ticket is going to be paid NOW.

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