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Obama Predictably Inept at World Crisis Management

March 6, 2011

Obama’s a street organizer. His attitudes and desires are exemplified by his union support (of course THEY support him with $$$ big time, as well as thug power) in Wisconsin. His quick to judge the cop (without facts) who arrested a black professor friend of his (one who espouses harm to the USA) is another example. We could go on and on.

But Obama’s foreign policy is a mystery. The only clear point is to apologize for the USA and talk down the USA as a fading power. He has acted as a detriment to USA oil interests by blocking existing production and preventing exploration and development. And we could go on again.

The answer is Obama is a domestic power – to – government focused man. The only part of the world he has actual experience is Indonesia, where he lived and Kenya where he openly campaigned for a foreign national president while a US Senator (illegal). He is also surrounded with people like Valerie Jarret who are focused on tearing up the old USA and remolding it to their vision of statism/socialism or what you want to call government management of your life.

He’s inept at organizing and managing worldwide chaotic events because it’s just outside his capabilities. If he was in control he’d probably use this all to further attack and bully Israel, promote exchange of money from rich nations to poor to “help them”, strengthen the UN to more of a woeld controller and more. He works by creating and using chaos for his advantage. On the world stage are professionals like Putin in Russia and the Chinese equvalent. He’s outgunned.

Now here is a link to one of the thoughtful writings on all this OFU foreign policy in crisis.

to Holder’sattack on immigrtion protectionAs Libya‘s bloody conflict rages on, important lessons for U.S. foreign policy are emerging from the past month’s Middle East turmoil. Starting with Tunisia, the Obama administration has seemed repeatedly surprised by anti-regime demonstrations, unsure of the stakes for America and its allies and unprepared conceptually and operationally to deal with the consequences……



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