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Obama Needs an Oil Change of Mind

March 3, 2011

It just galls me that we are so dependent on foreign oil.  It’s our own fault. For 30 years we have made it harder and harder for American companies to drill for American oil on American land. Over that time we have removed HUGE amounts of land from availabilty to drill. We’ve allowed national and state parks to explode their holdings of land – they now own an astounding percent of American land.

Just lately Obama and his anti-oil cronies have stopped deep well drilling in the gulf, made close offshore drilling less accessible with complex new regulations never voted on in Congress, just executed by executive fiat. Also he’s withdrawn all the offshore exploratory areas that were opened up  before he took over.

Study after study shows we’ll still need 57% of our energy needs from oil in 2057 even if every non-oil project they want, every green sun, wind and grain edict works!

Obama needs to get an oil change of heart driven by a sincere desire to protect and nurture America. So far his actions speak loudly the other way. He has gone on an worldwide apology tour that has talked down America and all that America is.

Open our strtegic oil reserve. Open land for drilling. Remove the endless EPA, etc legal and governmental barriers. Make America strong again.

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