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Why Teacher-Union Strikes

February 19, 2011

From all I can gather on the internet it seems the teachers – other unions – Obama – Jesse Jackson – Pelosi – major media – out of staters etc.  group are acting like a bunch of petulant kids (the Democrat politicians who ran away to Ohio like little kids) and  community organizers trying to force a one – sided deal down the throats of a weary and already over taxed and under employed people of  Wisconsin.

Why did the people of Wisconsin (ALL the people, public and private, union and non-union, black, white and all races) vote IN the Republicans? TO STOP OVERSPENDING and lower taxes. Why do teachers average salaries plus benefits over $100,000? ($56,000 + $44,000)?

If the people of Wisconsin lose this battle to the public employees (who are paid salary and benefits with THEIR taxes) and out of state politicians and unions and major media and community organizers it will prove once again it’s not what’s right to do, but it’s who can yell and scream and throw fits and get it all on TV. Then, once more, the voting taxpayer will have lost what the majority voted – cut spending, balance the budget.

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